Thursday, 30 July 2015

Rena Lovelis's Style

Rena posted this photo on Instagram last month with the caption
"London, you were..."
In this photo Rena is wearing a BAD NEWS Sad But Rad shirt which is currently SOLD OUT.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Bella Thorne's Style

Bella was seen arriving at LAX Airport on May 9th wearing a TOPSHOP Motohead Tank Top (SOLD OUT) but you can buy a similar one from MotorHead's Merchandise store
Her jeans that she is seen wearing are the AllSaints Mast Slash/Light Jeans 
The boots are also from AllSaints but are SOLD OUT.
Finally Bella has the Chanel CC Crown Tote but this is unfortunately SOLD OUT 

Selena Gomez's Style

One of the most awaited music videos was finally released this week.
Taylor Swift's music video Bad Blood had many famous faces starring in it such as Cara DeLevingne 
Zendaya, Hayley Williams and many more!
One of the most famous and recognisable faces was the one and only Selena Gomez.
In this video she wore a BAO TRANCHI Bodysuit Style 1018 and a pair of Stuart Weitzman Highland Stretchy Suede Over The Knee Boots in black.

Ariana Grande's Style

Ariana Grande posted a photo on her Instagram on 19th May with the caption 
"I have no tits"
in this photo she is wearing the OMIGHTY I Have No Tits Sweater

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Ariana Grande's Style

Ariana Grande was seen arriving at the Los Angeles Airport in 2013 (this is a major throwback outfit!) wearing a Light Blue Babra Knit Pullover with  Joe Browns Must Have Skinny Jeans and a pair of UGGs

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bella Thorne's Style

Bella posted this photo on Instagram with the caption:
"Bye bye la!! #letsmakeAmovie"
In this photo bella was wearing a Enfants Riches Deprimes Hoodie (SOLD OUT)
Since this hoodie is soo expensive you could do a little diy.

To make this hoodie all you would need is:
-Fabric paint (i would suggest you use the DYLON fabric paint)
-a sponge (or foam brushes)
-an x-acto knife
-any plain hoodie (which you could get from Primark)

To do this diy heres what you need to do:
1. go onto microsoft word (or any program like that) and you can either find a template of the wording 'Enfants Riches Deprimes' on google images or just use your own font to type it up.
2. Once you have your template or wording print it out on A4 paper (make sure the wording fills up as much of the page as you can)
3. You then get your x-acto knife and cut out the stencil that you just printed.
4. Once you have cut out your stencil place it on-top of your hoodie and decide where you want to place it. 
5. Now that you have decided where you going to place your stencil get some tape to stick your stencil to your hoodie to make sure it stays in place for when you come to painting.
7. Next you will need to get your fabric paint and sponge so you can start painting over the stencil. 
8. Once you have finished painting over the stencil check to make sure that you haven't missed any spots. 
9. Leave your hoodie to dry overnight.
10. To keep the paint permanent make sure you read the instructions on the back of your paint bottle

now that you know how to do this you can do it to any of your old t-shirts,jumpers,skirts ANYTHING!

You can use this template if you want!


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